![[blog banner.png]] # Grim Tokens: Journeys in the Astra Obscura Drift into Astra Obscura, a cynic's sanctuary for solo and co-op tabletop gaming, where we stoically navigate the vast, inky reaches of science fiction and fantasy role-play. Expect detailed journeys through dimly-lit galaxies like **[Five Parsecs from Home](https://www.modiphius.net/en-us/products/five-parsecs-from-home)** and **[Ironsworn: Starforged](https://www.ironswornrpg.com/product-ironsworn-starforged)**, spun from dice rolls and delivered with an enthusiasm as dry as Martian soil. From actual play write-ups to haunting video records, our offerings are as diverse as they are disquieting. So buckle up, interstellar voyager. In this solitary expanse, you're not just playing a game — you're confronting the cosmic unknown. Read: [[grim-tokens-extended-intro|Grim Tokens: Extended Intro Remix]] > [!warning]- Music of Grim Tokens > > Everything needs a theme song. You've got a choice ... > > 90's hardcore old-school goth: > > ![[Grim Tokens - 90s.mp4]] > > Or early 2000's nu-metal: > > ![[Grim Tokens - 2000s.mp4]] > > They both work! > > ![[Grim Tokens (lyrics)]] ^0b787a ## What is this, anyway? You have entered what is commonly referred to as a [[digital-garden|digital garden]] – but we're going somewhat beyond what is traditionally thought of as one. It's a hybrid of posts about *actual play* of tabletop games combined with a wiki which provides easy access to finding everything that's been created about a given topic on the site. Plus smaller [[thoughts]] as well as more developed [[articles]]. It's a delicate web of ideas, experiences, and mechanisms. You're in it. ## Sites to Set Forth From Looking for somewhere to go? ### Thoughts ![[thoughts|Thoughts]] ### Game Play ![[game-play]] Jump to: **[[game-play|All Game Play]]** ### Articles ![[articles]] Jump to: **[[articles|All Articles]]** #### Article Collections ![[Articles/Collections]] ### Useful Tags - #game/rpg - #game/wargame - #thoughts - #articles - #play --- ## Donations Yes, I'll take your [[donations]]. --- ## Contact You can contact me via: - <a rel="me" href="https://social.vivaldi.net/@lextenebris">Mastodon</a> - [Facebook](https://facebook.com/squidlord) - [Twitter](https://x.com/squidlord) (It'll always be Twitter, not X, damnit!)